Couch-to-5K Success!

This past Thursday I completed my first full 5K run. I’ve been following the Couch-to-5K running plan for the past 9 weeks but I goofed and ran the full distance a week early (week 9 is listed as only 3 mi instead of the 3.2 miles I actually did).

It’s a strange feeling to finally be here at the end of this program. I remember feeling winded and wondering how I would continue back on the first week. That week involved just 60 seconds of jogging. Now I’m running for over 45 minutes straight without a break.

Here are some sites that I used for support and information:

I’d recommend this method to anyone who is trying to get into running. It’s really a great way to ease yourself into running. The level of effort remains pretty much constant (at least it did for me) and it’s actually a very quick progression when you look back on your progress.